Teenage Rebels:
the audience
the story

In Divergent (the first film), the audience’s journey into a dystopian world had just begun. Now that we were promoting Insurgent (the second film in the series), our job was clear. Re-ignite the audience’s imagination and reinsert them into that same world, thereby making it a more personal encounter.

We were also hoping to make a teenage audience
genuinely feel like they were part of the adventure.


It’s important to remember we weren’t just promoting a film through the usual marketing channels e.g. film trailers. We were also hoping to make a teenage audience genuinely feel like they were part of the adventure.

In a dystopian future, Tris and Four
fight an authoritative regime to preserve
their own individuality and freedom

To help bring the world of Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) to life, we decided to use Snapchat. For four important reasons:

Unlike Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Snapchat is a private platform – perfect for creating a ‘more personal’ sense of adventure.

It has all the tools in place to make the experience both interactive and highly entertaining e.g. self-destructing messages, ‘screengrab’ notifications & onscreen drawing

The audience don’t have to leave the Snapchat app to communicate with the film studio i.e. making competition entries and winners’’ announcements a seamless affair

Crucially, Snapchat is the go-to social/messaging app for the majority of our target audience, 15-18 year-olds


In the run-up to the release of Insurgent, we regularly used Snapchat’s Stories feature to kickstart a series of interactive experiences. Here are some of our favourites:


In the Divergent saga, tattoos are an important and recognisable plot device. So we challenged the audience to design their own ‘tribal’ tattoos…virtually on themselves.

As a reward for their creativity, each ’tattoo’ was entered into a free-prize draw to win tickets to the red carpet premiere.

And the tattoos came flooding in…

2. Fear Experiments

Another plot device used in the storyline, is something called the ‘Fear Landscape’. Simply put, it’s a hi-tech ‘video playback’ of each character’s subconscious fears. And it’s used in dubious neurological experiments by the big bad regime; to secretly keep its citizens in line.

We used the idea of the Fear Landscape to subject the audience to our own version of shady psychological experiments.

The audience is invited to take
part in an experiment…
Firstly, memorise a stream of images
that represent different ‘fears’
Next, screengrab the ‘odd one out’
in a similar stream of scary pictures





Snapchat competition entries


Average daily engagement rate


Items of user-created content

Altogether, our various interactive experiences amounted to a 21 day-long campaign on Snapchat. In that short time we garnered some very impressive numbers…numbers that stand as testament to the power of putting an audience smack-bang in the middle of an incredible story!