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The Inventors Club Ltd. 25 Horsell Road,
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© 2018 The Inventors Club. All rights reserved.

Fancy a chat?

We have biscuits

The Inventors Club Ltd.
25 Horsell Road,
N5 1XL
© 2018 The Inventors Club. All rights reserved

We’re not strictly an advertising agency. Neither are we just a marketing company, or a design studio. Possibly the best description for The Inventors Club Ltd. (or TICL for short) is ‘a creative consultancy which works above the line, below the line, online, offline… and occasionally on a train line’.

We also don’t pretend to be a huge full-service shop with ridiculous overheads. However, that said, we don’t shy away from ambitious thinking either. In fact, we are huge fans of the collaborative business model, which allows us to work on projects of all sizes – thanks to a network of partner agencies, design studios and marketing consultants.

Our Services

Digital Products & Services

From the first germ of an idea, to a fully-fledged prototype, we combine usability, technology and design to build digital experiences and platforms that have a genuine purpose in consumers’ lives.

Brand Development

Whether it’s establishing a fresh new identity - complete with usage guidelines - or simply evolving an existing logo marque; we have the design and strategic experience to create branding solutions that are relevant, effective and engaging.

Advertising Campaigns

Built from a solid, strategic foundation, our campaign work is always focussed on developing ideas that are equally creative and meaningful - to both our clients and their audience.

Social Content & Strategy

We not only work closely with our clients to develop the right content strategy for existing and emerging social media platforms, but we also regularly arm them with an inventory of creative content to support existing campaigns.

The Founders:

John Walters


With a background in design and fuelled by a passion for creative innovation, John has almost 2 decades’ worth of experience in the creative industry helping clients like Tabasco, Kia Motors and Pepsico.

Chris da Costa


Experienced strategic and conceptual thinker with a career spanning nearly 20 years, Chris is strongly influenced by user-centered ideas and the evolution of digital innovation. Previous clients include Diageo, Sony Pictures and Three.