Where we’re
we don’t
need roads!

Dr. Emmett L. Brown


Two days before one of Apple’s “Special Launch Events”, we received an interesting phone call from Samsung’s London creative agency, Cheil UK. Their client was in a mischievous mood and wanted to crash their rival’s big day with a cheeky pop-up newsroom. And they wanted us to get it up and running…in less than 48 hours! Read more 

Building a
vest for
Taken 3

Bryan Mills can punch his way out of pretty much anything, but how does he fare against his ultimate enemy – AKA ‘Franchise Fatigue’? Our job was to make sure Taken 3 had a “particular set of skills” on social media to keep audiences engaged throughout the build-up to release. Read more 

How a
dumb idea
became a
great idea

When French film distributors, Metropolitan Filmexport, asked for something to remind us all of Lloyd’s (Jim Carrey) and Harry’s (Jeff Daniels) return in Dumb and Dumber To, we couldn’t resist obliging them with the dumbest idea we’ve ever come up with. And they loved it! Read more 

fans become
the story

So why did Veronica Roth’s Divergent Trilogy top bestseller lists for teen lit? Probably because her audience felt like they were part of the story in a powerful and personal way. We had the opportunity to duplicate this highly immersive approach when promoting Insurgent – the film version of the second book in the saga. Read more 

We are a creative agency

Which means we think adventure, treasure, and legend are infinitely better versions of engagement, results and brand recognition.

Expect the unexpected

We firmly believe unexpected ideas are not only good for business, but also more rewarding for everyone involved (that includes our customers, our customers’ customers and ourselves).

Ideas should never lose the element of surprise

Because that’s exactly the kind of work we strive for – whether it’s a clever campaign strategy, a social content calendar, a nifty mobile app, a good ol’ TV ad, some kind of digital fabulousness, an experiential stunt (with or without the safety net) or a full-blown integrated belter.

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